Privacy Notice

We consider it important to keep your personal information safe and secure. Maintaining your trust and confidence is at the core of our business. We value the privacy of the information you have entrusted to us concerning the funeral, cremation, or cemetery services we provide to you and your family. This privacy notice is being sent to you on behalf of Service Corporation International and/or its affiliates (collectively referred to herein as “we” and “affiliates” of each other) that offer pre-need or at-need financing in connection with services provided under the National Cremation® Society, National Cremation® Service, and National Cremation® and Burial Society brands.

In the process of providing financial products and services to you, such as advance (pre-need) trust arrangements or time-of-death financing plans, it is necessary to collect and maintain nonpublic personal information about you, such as your Social Security number, name, address, transaction history, bank account information, and credit-related information such as credit scores. We collect this information when you apply for financing, from any contract with us that you sign, from processing or administering your financial transactions, and occasionally, from credit reporting or collection agencies.

Consistent with our respect for your privacy:

You may prohibit or “opt out” of certain of the sharing of your nonpublic personal information described above. In particular, you may opt out of our sharing of information concerning you with our affiliates for such affiliates’ marketing purposes. To do so, you should either call us (toll free) at 1-800-894-2024 or e-mail us at: We will refrain from sharing your information with our affiliates for marketing purposes for thirty (30) days in order to allow you to opt out of such sharing.

If you limit sharing or disclosure of information for an account you hold jointly with someone else the limitations you select will apply to all persons on the account unless you direct otherwise, using one of the methods set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Please note that, in the event you request that we obtain financial or other products and services for you from a third party, such third party’s use of your information will be subject to their privacy policy as disclosed to you by them.

It is an honor to serve you. We thank you for being our customer, and we will continually strive to meet your needs. We will also strive to reply promptly to your questions and comments.

For questions regarding this Privacy Notice, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-894-2024.