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Cremation Planning

The Planning is Done

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Cremation Pre-Planning

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Choosing Cremation

Cremation is chosen for final needs because it is:

  • convenient
  • affordable
  • simple
  • flexible
  • an alternative to burial

Whatever your reason for choosing cremation, the most important thing is your choice to make plans and take control of your final arrangements. Death is a confusing and emotional time for those left behind. It is not the best time for a family to make important decisions.

“That's my wish.”

It is far better that an individual or family consider final options in advance, and plan specific arrangements. In planning ahead, families discuss the elements of a funeral or memorial service and aftercare most important to them, and define meaningful plans. When you preplan your cremation, you guide your family, letting them know your final wishes and alleviating the burden of planning at your time of death. Those that preplan find comfort and security knowing final arrangements are in place.

Prepaid Cremation

Consider that a prepaid cremation with the National Cremation® is a gift to your family, a guarantee that everything is in place. Prepayment offers a financial advantage as well; prepaid cremation locks in today's price for cremation services, avoiding the effects of future cost increases. Contact us to begin planning a cremation with the National Cremation.



“New York state law mandates that all contracts for prearranged funeral agreements executed by applicants for or recipients of supplemental social security income or medical assistance be irrevocable.”

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